I have some real issues with my lower back and have been receiving steroid shots from the VA and they have not been working very well. I have been using the 1-TDC for over a week and a half now and WOW my lower back feels so much better. This past weekend I was at a agility dog show and I usually take 6-8 Aleve per day while at a trial and this past weekend I took ZERO! Aleve and my back gave me no problems. I would recommend this product to anyone with any type of pain from neck and back to feet and ankles, it really works, I think my sanity has been saved! Jack Cotter

After using the product 1-TDC on my husband’s shoulders the chronic pain that he has been in for years was gone. He also was not able to move his arms above his shoulder and is now able to move it completely over his head. He now can sleep on his shoulders which he has not been able to do for years either. Totally amazing product. Sure beats having rotator cuff surgery which he was contemplating. He is using the product topically from the easy to open dog capsules. Susan Hiatt

My poodle Bree was injured in the mid-back region during an agility practice. She was unable to stand up on her toes and refused to jump onto the couch. After a thorough chiropractic session, she was better but sore. Two weeks later she seemed better but after very minimal work again displayed the original symptoms. Over the next four weeks she could do the jumps required in obedience work but had to be warmed up thoroughly. During this time she was on natural anti-inflammatories and, when needed, pain meds- again with little progress. It was at this point, 6 weeks after the initial injury that I learned about 1-TDC. I started her on it on a Wednesday night and continued once a day through the weekend where she competed in Utility for 3 days. She was looser at the trials and jumped easily. She is still in recovery but with 1-TDC I have been able to bring her gradually back to competition strength in agility in a 3 week period, running smooth and winning classes, as opposed to the 6 weeks prior of alternating between progress and set backs. Tanya Ward

On a personal note: I injured by low back to the point where I could not get through the day without spasms that would cause me to freeze and wait for the pain to subside. I started taking 1-TDC orally, and saw minor improvement, but when I took orally and applied the capsule contents directly twice a day I felt significant improvement. Three weeks later, the spasms are very infrequent and the back feels loose. I am not 100% but on my way to recovery! Tanya Ward

My 9 year old dog had been walking up on her toes on one of her rear legs for several days. I suspected a bee sting or sore pad because I couldn’t find any real reason for the way she was walking. I tried your product, 1-TDC. I gave her two capsules orally and then broke one capsule open and rubbed it directly onto each of her pads and toenails on the foot. I noticed remarkable improvement the following morning; no sign of injury! I was expecting it may help her in a few days or a week but was overjoyed to see improvement the next morning! Now we don’t need to take the traumatic trip to the vet. Thank you for bringing us a wonderful product!  Patty O’Bleness

The 1-TDC can be absorbed internally, through the mucus membranes, or through the skin. The capsules can be opened and applied topically, there will be a little oil left on your skin but the TDC portion is absorbed. It takes about 10 minutes to absorb through the skin. It has had super reports of curing gum problems by applying topically and it has made an extreme difference for me applying it topically! Anywhere you have inflammation. This was the turning point for me in rehabbing my Achilles injury. You can use either the Dog or Human capsules to do this but the dog one has the handy twist off part! I use it both topically and internally. Barb Davis