I’m excited to now be offering classes & private lessons in the Spokane area. I give agility classes and private lessons in a horse arena 1.5 miles south of I-90 near Liberty Lake on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Sessions are scheduled around my seminar and showing schedule. Classes are 1.5 to 2 hours and usually have 8 students. Private lessons are available Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon in the arena. I also do some privates from my nearby home during good weather months. All class participants are required to help with setup or tear down. I feel very privileged to have the use of a lovely private arena and all students must do their utmost to keep the grounds & arena clean if they wish to partake in classes or lessons.

Students should always bring notebook, toys, treats, clicker, and a crate or x-pen. Please bring precut non-crumbly treats in a controllable and easily accessible container. Breaking up treats or cheese wastes time and causes crumbs to fall into the footing which we don’t want the dogs ingesting. I highly recommend not feeding your dog before class or a private.

I require all participates to be aware and courteous of the other students and dogs in the class. I ask you be attentive to your dog and aware that your dog may have an affect on other dogs in the class. I also ask students to be supportive of each other, all dogs learn at different rates and class is not the place to get competitive with each other. A supportive environment creates a higher rate of learning for all involved. Besides it’s fun to make friends! Students will be on a trial basis for their first session. Participating in setup and properly managing your dog are required of all students.

Click here for Class Schedule.

Prices: Currently local classes are $100 for a 6 weeks session. Please contact me for prices for private lessons.