Single Jumps


Single Jump Features
  • All single jumps use durable UV resistant plastic jump cup strips, with jump cups every two inches, allowing use in all venues and great for gradual height changes in training. 
  • The curved and contoured edges help assure your dog’s safety.


All jumps have flexible jump cup strips, with cups every 2″


Wingless One Piece Metal Jumps    $80.00
Support legs rotate to facilitate storage unless otherwise requested.

Wingless 2 piece vinyl jumps white  $94.00   With color strips  $99.00


Add On Wings    $55.00
A versatile way to have both wingless and winged jumps.

Stand alone rectangular 2 piece winged jumps. $140.00
Made with plastic latice, they move easily if bumped by handler or dog.

Two-piece Vinyl Winged Jumps white  $135.00   With color strips  $145.00


Panel Board Set    $70.00

Wooden boards painted white. Recommended use with one piece jump.