1-TDC: Oral and Joint Health For Dogs AND Humans!

ES-1TDC120twistoffBottle 1-TDC_90SoftGelsI decided to try 1- TDC to aid recovery of one of my dogs who had an injury. I decided to put all 4 of my dogs B0099YWMH2_1-TDC 4oz pain creamon it at that time. 1-TDC seemed to speed that dogs recovery, it helped my older dog move more freely and Skecher’s recovery from minor tweeks is much quicker. I also take this product myself and am convinced it is a big part of the reason I was able to run well and win the 2015 AKC Nationals with Skecher, after not being able to run in the Fall of 2014 because of injury to my Achilles. I love that this product is great at dealing with inflammation but does not inhibit the healing processes. Shipping is free.  Click here to read testimonials!

1-TDC 120 count for dogs  $59.20
1-TDC 90 count for people $37.00
1-TDC lotion for people $24.98

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What does 1-TDC® mean?
What is 1-TDC® made from?
If my pet is allergic to beef can I use 1-TDC®?
What are the major differences between 1-TDC® and fish oil?
Does 1-TDC® replace the need for fish oil?
How does 1-TDC® as a joint health solution compare to glucosamine, HA & fish oil?
Is 1-TDC® economical?
How long before I see results?
Does 1-TDC® replace the need for a dental cleaning?
If I am only using 1-TDC® for joint health, do I need to squeeze it on the gums?


DVD: “Adding Blind Crosses to your Handling System” $39.95

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High Definition, 61 minutes, NTSC format    (shipping $2)

by Barb Davis


Given the opportunity, would you partake in an agility voyage of discovery if it would make you instantly faster; let you see clearly where you are on course; let you set certain lines for your dog with more precision, and minimize stress on your joints and body? This is the journey I have been on as I have incorporated the use of blind crosses in my handling system.
Get set to start your own exciting journey, as I share the insights and training exercises I developed from the experiences I encountered during my own adventure.
This video covers:

  • What foundation training should be in place before you begin training blind crosses.
  • Training a strong blind cross cue.
  • Exercises to build your dog’s understanding of the blind cross cue.
  • The importance of timing when using a blind cross.
  • Applications of where you might use a blind cross.
  • How to train R.I.F. & R.O.F.
  • Explanations of why I would prefer a blind cross in certain sequences.
  • Examples of common errors.
  • Agility trial footage of my use of blind crosses followed by a slow motion clip explaining why I chose to use it in a certain sequence.
  • Hop aboard and enjoy the journey as you expand your handling system! Barb Davis



Barb Davis is a 7 time World Team member and a 6 time National Agility Champion. She gives seminars throughout the USA and Canada.
All diagrams on this video are available at www.strideaheadagility.com

Click here for access to the course maps from the Blind Cross video.


DVD: “Training Running Contacts with Stride Regulators” $24.95
by Barb Davis

Barb will take you step-by-step through Rock-It’s entire training process, including preliminary work. She will explain in detail how she used stride regulators to shape the running contacts. She will also discuss and demonstrate ideas for speeding up contact performance on dogs previously trained in the two-on, two-off method. She will also show the steps used to retrain her border collie, Zesty, to a running A-Frame, and discuss the pros and cons of running contacts.   Shipping $2


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Stride Ahead Agility
PO Box 772
Otis Orchards, WA 99027

Liquid Health: K-9 Glucosamine

k9-gluc-20111-200x200We are distributors for Liquid Health. They make products for humans and animals both. I always keep on hand K-9 Liquid Health Glucosomine. It is great for ligaments and tendons. Each oz. contains:Glucosomine Hcl 99% 1600mg, Chondroitin Sulfate 95% 1200 mg, OptiMSM 1000mg, HA – Hyaluronic Acid 10mg, Manganese Amino Acid Chelate 7 mg.
We have used & recommended this product for years. It was a natural step when I obtained my business license to become a distributor. Originally I placed my dogs on this product as they became older. But when I placed my dog P.J. on it at the age of 7, she noticeably increased her speed in the agility ring. This told me she should have been on it sooner! I now have all the dogs on it, young and old alike. I have showed many of dogs well into the double digits, still obtaining placements in the agility ring. Although the company makes human products I take the K-9 product right along with my dogs, it has been a great help to my knees.

1 quart = $35 /$4.00 shipping,1 gallon = $85/$8.00 shipping, 2 gallons $170/$5.00 shipping, 4 gallons $340/ ships free!
Store at room temperature until opened then needs refrigeration.


I also take the Energy and Stress formula, (retails for $33). It keeps me alert at the trials. I can obtain any of the Liquid Health products. Please contact me by email to order this or any of the other products they provide.


Check out their website and their many products.